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I've always be around "Tech" and Internet, specially on its creative side.

As a Power User, I've spend much of my existence learning HOW hard/softwares "works" and WHY some other people

It's my obsession with early-adopts new techniques and try novelties that made me start as a Freelance Web Designer and end up as a +8yo Web Developer mastering the JS Modern Front-End Art as build stuff with React or VueJS.

Looking back at those years of productivity, I think I've spent 20% of the time creating VALUABLE and USEFUL features and the other 80% fixing bugs, legacy mistakes and dealing with technical debt...

( 80% of 8 years of hard work is near to 1 300 days spent on chronophage tasks the final users wont even notice. )

I'am today still learning HOW hard/software evolve and WHY some people still can't go thru it as easy as I do :

- I build Minimal/NoCode Apps that will scale fast and require the least possible TMA

- I write and speak on How to build more fast with the power of modern automation tools

- I work on help people to understand how the web is turning as a big Social Network bundle and how it's helping to grow


React JS Developer at Eurosport

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